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In the modern musical world of artificial happiness, there isn't much room for the dark sounds of heavy metal.

The members of Aghori recognize that the metal genre is known for its diehard fans. An amazing onstage presence, combined with a touch of melody allows Aghori's music to entice fans from all walks of life.

"Lyrically, we offer the listener a chance to vent the frustration that comes from dealing with the monotony of today's world." , says vocalist Dustin Keimig. "It's basically about not being afraid of being an outsider...It's about refusing to follow life's prescriptions."
Aghori's debut full-length album, Transcending the Illusion, offers 10 tracks guaranteed to spark an
​array of emotions. From the hard-hitting "Wired Shut" to ​the dramatics of "Inevitable" this album is a must for any true Metalhead.

Here's our recent video for "The Inevitable."
​Visit the Aghori - YouTube channel to see more.​​
8/29/2015 - Valley Center (North County SD) We are honored to take part in this Festival. 

​​3 stages (Main, Side and Rec room) a pool with a DJ, an open jam area, Fishing pond, and 30 camp sites with Campfire access. You can bring your own BBQ and Beer into your campsite. 

​​Strength In Numbers Entertainment presents the American Warrior Festival 2015!! We are holding our Annual Festival at the Woods Valley Kampground in Valley Center, California (North San Diego County) We will be Featuring our trademark Music, Craft Beer and BBQ all in an amazing Campground setting! Get

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